The Shift of Gaia and the Crystalline Grid

By Natalie Viglione

Honoring Gaia... or the Mother Earth, in more heartfelt, authentic ways...

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The shift of Gaia is also known as the Great Shift, and it's here... right now. The beginning of a new unity of Earth is emerging. If you've been called into Nature and into a region where you feel many people are pulling together in a new energy and during this powerful energetic time, then you must know that you are in the right place at the right time.

We were called to the mountains of North Carolina, the Blueridge Mountains. We were called by the ancient divinity that is held deep with the caverns of the mountains around us. I know we are here at the right time and in the right place. We are here for a very big reason.

The crystalline grid of Gaia is being re-aligned for compassion, this is what a 4D energy brings in. A new 4th dimension Earth is being birthed, and we are literally inside of the birth canal... RIGHT NOW. The squeeze of darkness to light.


This is a transformation from the cells (atoms) of our bodies as well as All That Is within our galaxy. It's moving from a slower, denser, heavier, existing 3D vibratory rate to a higher, faster 4D vibratory rate. Our body’s molecular cellular structure will change and some bodies won't be able to manage the shift and it can cause a feeling of illness. The new 4D body and the subatomic structure is based on crystalline molecules, so this is an alchemical shift at this molecular level from the 3D structure to a 4D crystalline structure. The energy of 4D is closer to what a 5D frequency can feel like as well, more light, more divinity, and translucent or transparency is the name of the foundation as well.

The squeeze of negative to positive. The shifting of compassion energies and everyone can feel this. Changing the planet begins within each of us as well simultaneously. All change begins with a choice for choice is what's always on the table as we are in free will.

Compassion needs to start by us having compassion for ourselves. In a deep, almost unbelievable vision and within the multidimensional travel that I do in dreamtime, I was shown and provided a chance to choose for myself, too.

A person can be hated or despised by other people, but the act of self-hate on ourselves is what causes one's soul to slowly be disempowered. It's the self-hate or lack of compassion for our own beings that causes more pain and dis-ease in the body than anything anyone else outside of us could say to us with words.

Realignment towards compassion starts with us. This is why everything in this inverted world is totally and utterly crumbling down. We must help it crumble and rebuild all anew.