The Power of Crystals and Gemstones


Crystals and gemstones are powerful aids to help empower our life in brilliant ways, and also to help us heal. 

We have come to fully appreciate how amazing crystals and gemstones are and how much Gaia TRULY has for us that's all available that can help us live our BEST lives and really come back to Nature. 

We ARE Nature. We have never been separate from All That Is, and never will be. 

I am getting my Master Herbalist degree and it is a FACT that that there is a plant that can heal pretty much every ailment and Gaia is bountiful. This holds true in the fact that there are as many crystals and gemstones that are here ready for the using... all provided by the PRIME CREATORS of this wonderful experience we call Earth, with the true name of Gaia. 

Everything we could possibly want or need IS ALREADY PROVIDED FOR US FROM THE EARTH. 


Mark Viglione has always had an infatuation with rocks... his rock collection from when he was a little kid has turned into the necklaces you see on this very site! So, it has become an adult fascination as well and he was able to take it to a whole other level when he started making wire-wrapped crystal necklaces (amazing ones at that)! He is a great and natural maker and has an attention to detail that I, Natalie, have rarely seen matched! Truly... and I'm not just saying that because he's my husband. :)

My amazement over crystals and gemstones grew over time with my full realization that I needed to embrace being a POWERFUL WITCH. I am now able to FULLY appreciate the reality of the MAGICK, EMPOWERMENT and HEALING components that they hold within them. 

This Earth, Gaia, is CHOCK FULL OF WONDROUS SECRETS hidden from us for far too long... but the truth escaped and many people have been able to feel the power of crystals and gemstones for a long time now, and we are now charging forward to join that wonderful journey. 

I didn't realize the magnitude of the amazing properties that these crystals held for they are far beyond being "ROCKS" and once I dove into the truth and started reading countless books, I was yet again amazed that so many beautiful, wonderful things are here just simply to provide us with the things we most need.

Now, in the products that we create, we tend to always ensure they hold crystals and gemstones... I've fully stepped into my witchy soul and RE-learning all aspects of the magickal capabilities and properties that crystals and gemstones hold, along with the power of plants, Nature, and All That Is. 

Gaia... this is my time to say THANK YOU for offering us such amazing, beautiful things that are here to help make our life all the more empowered! 

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