Yule and the Winter Solstice [The Ancient Wisdom of the Time Before Time Calls Us]


Ritual and Ceremony on this Powerful Night

Amidst the ethereal whispers of the Winter Solstice lies the ancient wisdom of time's cyclical dance through the Wheel of the Year. This year, the celebration resonates with even greater potency, as it marks a decade since the momentous occasion of 12-21-2012, when the Earth commenced its “ending” of an old era, all part of a larger transcendence into a new era and a massive paradigm shift of consciousness. Some call it the "New Earth," but it's truly a shift into higher consciousness and the entire evolution of the GALAXY.

The power of this momentous milestone echoes with primordial magick, of which many of us can hear.

What is Yule?

Yule originates from the old Norse word Jól, however, the celebration is much older than the word jól.

The word Yule (Old Norse: Jól) is actually plural, and it literally means parties. The word is therefore not referring to one single party or one event, but to several Yule celebrations that most likely took place between the winter solstice. Yule or Jól (pronunciation: “yoh-l”) as a celebration for the return of the sun, which is what the Winter Solstice celebrations consisted of... 

The power of THIS specific Winter Solistice ...

Tonight is a powerful time to LET GO of things that no longer serve you, things that you've carried around for the past 10 years that you no longer want.

The energies of the past 10 years have been accelerating this huge transmutation and birth into the green ray of a 4th density new Celestial Being (or Tara), and the green ray is also called the heart chakra (or anahata chakra). 

A powerful ceremony to hold in a group or solo is to ask yourself: 

  • What parts of myself that are the "darkest" and coldest aspects am I not addressing? 
  • What have I held onto for the past 10 years that I can LET GO OF to allow me to be LIGHTER and to be able to open my heart more? 

This can be done in many ways. Write things down and then burn them. Speak things out and then do a physical movement/visualization of you LETTING GO and cutting the energies that no longer serve your highest good. It's a wonderful time to reach into the ancient parts of yourself, and into the DNA where the magick lies of incarnation memoris, so that you can remember how to do these ceremonies and rituals. We can allow our intuition to guide us, or find guides/teachers/facilitators that can help us bring back pieces of these kinds of rituals that can allow us to REawaken the magick within! 

Here's a poem for this Solstice, a dedication to all the indigos, wanderers, lightworkers/light warriors, etc. that have powerful missions at this time. 

The Ancient Calling of Winter Solstice

The dark and cold of the longest night is here,

A time to soften to see both the light and dark that lies within.

For seeing the darkness and feeling the cold,

Is to know thyself in the ways of the olde.


This is the time of hope and celebration,

Of rebirth and renewal for all.

Go within the depths to see your magickal light,

For we can connect to our Inner Sun that shines so bright.  


As the light makes its return,

It is stronger than the dark.

Lighting the path on which we all embark.


It’s a time to feel into the Primordial Power,

To sow the seeds that will help you rise,

For a new year beckons and calls to the wise.


As an ancient being of light,

Your Inner Sun can never be stamped out.

Use this time to see all that you are so that you no longer carry doubt.


~ Natalie Viglione

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