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    Wall Hangings, Wreaths + More


    Home decor for the Wheel of the Year.. these designs are inspired by allowing time to connect deeply into Gaia and all the Seasons. This is the Ancient Wisdom of the days of the olde.

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    Handrolled Organic Beeswax Candles

    Natural beeswax candles are a sensory delight! Aside from being a completely natural product, beeswax candles naturally purify the air as they burn, making this candle ideal for your home.


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    Magickal Ritual and Spell Candles

    Our magickal ritual and spell candles that have organic and all-natural ingredients. Soy candles with herbs, crystals, essential oils, and sealed with magickal intentions!

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    Wire-Wrapped Crystal Pendants & Other Jewelry

    By bringing crystals into the expression of jewelry, this is how we can further connect with nature, as well as bring in the empowerment and healing that Gaia offers us.


  • Earth Magick

    Homemade Products Made with Love + Upcycled Wood +

    Magick + Herbs + Crystals & More!

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    I LOVE IT SO MUCH it’s adorable 🖤🧡


    Purchased a Samhain Wreath 2022


    - Kacie


    Ordered this item on Monday and it arrived by Thursday! It's even lovelier in person. Thank you!


    Purchased Honeybees and Comb Woodburn Art


    - Verified Etsy Buyer


    Beautiful! Thank you so much.


    Purchased Yuletide Magick Wreath


    - Kayla Wilke


    A beautiful wreath! Thank you so much and Happy Yule


    Purchased Happy Yule Wreath


    - Wade Alexander


    Delightful with a wonderful message and whimsy


    Purchased Yuletide Magick Wreath


    - Melissa Zobel


    Purchased Crystal and Herb 3 pack Tea Light


    - Jena